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Chinese Fortune

8 Nov

Chinese Fortune


Chinese Fortune

Chinese culture has a special place in my heart. My father’s first wife was Chinese (Taiwanese to be exact, but she is of Han ancestry, which is Chinese) and my older sister is half Chinese. My father has always had a particular love for China and I grew up admiring Chinese culture. I’ve always wanted to go to China and spend some time there learning. It’s the most beautiful and spiritually enriched culture in the world. Even though my sister is half Chinese, she is ethnocentric and in her heart she is 100% Chinese. Even though I am not Chinese at all, I am 40% Chinese in my own heart. So, inworld, I decided to go visit Hong Kong, maybe pick up some ginger tea and sticky buns and some funny toys and show off my new Ombre Hemingway berry shirt from Emery that I purchased a couple of days ago at FaMeshed. I love playing with different hues of similar colors, such as pink and purple, so I think this outfit is super cute and would wear this in RL. My shirt is paired with a pair of pink skinny jeans from CM, Tulip studded lavender loafers, Lelutka Hera hair, and Color.Me.H.O.F accessories (triangle gold earrings and continental wallet).

Shirt – Emery – Hemingway Berry  (mesh)

Skinny Jeans – (CM) Cracked Mirror – Mambo Jeans (mesh)

Shoes – Tulip – Studded loafers lavender (mesh)

Hair – Lelutka – Hera

Earrings – Color.Me.H.O.F – Triangle gold earrings

Clutch – Color.Me.H.O.F – Continental wallet (mesh)


Ode to San Francisco Hipsters

6 Nov

My inner Hipster shinning through.

San Francisco has a lot of hipsters. The entire Mission District is nothing but hipsters and they always attach themselves to the one thing I love the most – art, so they are inescapable. The Mission district is like the Brooklyn of California and my art hub. They are hard to be around because they’re assholes.  They think that their “independent” way of thinking is progressive when in fact, it’s trendy because, well, being a hipster is trendy. So, being a hipster is an oxymoron – completely and utterly contradictory. I spent 9 years in Art school and was surrounded by them and their hateful glares and their snotty dispositions. I got tired of seeing skinny man chest (from both men and women) and saggy butt skinny jeans. Last Friday I worked a very cool event at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and was surrounded by them. I wanted to smack them all. Why can’t they just be pleasant? Why’s it so hard to NOT be dismissive and rude? Dear Hipster douche, don’t you know I could shove my fist down your throat easily if I wanted to?

What I said above about hipsters is not very nice, now is it? However, I have a confession….

I myself am a hypocrite because I am a closeted hipster.

Yep! There I said it. I don’t look like a hipster, but I still have the same “independent” and “non-conformist” attitude that’s a bunch of bull.  I love fashion and like buying from independent designers, and have a disdain for anything popular. I have not listened to mainstream radio in years. If you saw my Spotify playlist, guarantee you would roll your eyes because I listen to hipster music (Indie rock). My best feature is my brain and my hair. I really believe I have great taste. I love to travel, but hate fancy hotels preferring couch surfing or staying in cool “bed and breakfast” type places. My honeymoon will be in Morocco….This is only the tip of the iceberg folks. There’s more, but I won’t go into it.

Unlike a typical hipster, however, I am friendly and non-judgmental. Not everything is self-motivated in my life, I’m not rail thin, and I still enjoy the pop music of my childhood (and I still rock out to Spice Girls)…so there!

What’s on me…

Hair – Lelutka – Isha

Earrings – (Yummy) – Floral Dangle Earrings (Gold)

MadPea Carneval

4 Nov

Rollercoaster of doom

I love a MadPea production. I was hooked when this fabulous team of builders built the Sanity Falls Hunt. So much fun, so well thought out, so innovative, so beautifully executed. Wonderfully creepy with just enough gore and haunting chill to keep you on edge, watching your back at every turn and occasionally screeching at the slightest sight of a lurking shadow. One of my favorite weirdo movies is Delicatessen  (if you have Netflix, add it now and watch it after you read this). MadPeas is like a morbidly murderous version of Delicatessen stylistically with Gothic/sci-fi gore mixed in. I absolutely love it and look forward to each and every one of their productions. So, when I heard of Carneval opening, I had to go at once! I spent a few hours there, riding the rides and strolling through the village and the haunted house. I even started playing The Kaaos Effect, which I have yet to complete. So, all in all, I enjoyed myself immensely, took a bunch of pics, and uploaded a few that I liked the most. So, if you have not checked out Carneval, do it now…then watch Delicatessen (hope you like subtitled movies).

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