No Need for Pleasantries

4 Oct

Robbery at convenience store in Nestlefire

I’m always looking around for places to snap photos in Second Life (like every other SL photographer. DUH!), forever on the search for stunning, if not just interesting, sims. Since I am relatively new to SL photography, I try to challenge myself, not spend any money (using what I have in my inventory) and do something different each time. One evening/afternoon/who-knows (I took this photo weeks ago) while wandering from place to place, I ended up in Nestlefire. Nestlefire appears to be a nearly abandoned place where the only thing available is a shifty hotel, restaurant/cafe, grocery store, an abandoned house where I stumbled over a dead body and a torture chamber, and a gas station. I walked into the gas station and immediately thought that this place would be a great scene for a super sexy, gun-toting, tattoo wearing, shaved hair sporting, feisty chica in red pumps to come in and scare the living wits out of the grocery clerk. Alright, maybe I only had the gun toting part in mind. The rest came later. Well, the grocery clerk part was not an option for me, but I imagined her standing with guns in hand wearing a laissez-faire facial expression. Two guns might be a slight exaggeration, but who gives a shit. It’s my photo. After all, she is a lone criminal, free of the constraints of man, trying to make her own way in the world one robbery at a time, with looks to kill! Oh, that sounds like a great drama TV series! Okay maybe not, but you get the point.

Unfortunately, nothing I am wearing is new. This post is not a fashion post, but just a photographic artist post. The shoes are from Mstyle, pants from Auxiliary, shirt from…I’ll have to look it up and insert later, hair from Wasabi Pills, and guns from Bounce This (comes with a pose, but I used a different pose with the props).


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