Projects, Plans, To-Do Lists…

27 Sep

Have you ever heard the saying, “Skilled in everything, but master of nothing”? I fear that’s me. I take on too many projects, have too many plans, create too many To-Do lists and rarely actually finish because I have too much going on! In RL, I work like 13 hour days and the times I work vary.  When I have a good lengthy break, I tend to BS around because I’m so mentally exhausted from working! I realized that I have to narrow down my lists and seriously concentrate on one thing at a time. Since I’ve committed myself to not being labeled a SL Fashion Blogger (though I may pop in a few posts now and again that are), I figure this gives me more time to do other things, like finish working on my mesh products and hone my SL photography skills, which I really enjoy doing. I’m such a rookie (please don’t laugh TOO hard at me…because I know you will laugh anyway), but I played around with the Lens Flare filter for the first time and used it on this side profile photo I took of myself in my skybox.

Close up with lens flare filter

Not sure if I like this, but….

I can’t help but to be a little proud of myself! 🙂 Besides the photography, I am seriously planning a home furnishings line that is based on cabin living exclusively. This will take time, so I hope to post things as I create them.

Earrings – DECO – Mannequin earrings

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Aida Mesh Hair


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