Seriously, I’m not a fashion blogger….

20 Sep

I realize the number one reason why I cannot be a fashion blogger……

I’m poor

I know some of you may be saying that you do not need to have money to be a fashion blogger. That may be true, that may not be true. Depends on your blogging approach and your interest. However, if you want people who are interested in knowing what’s new in Second Life to read your fashion blog because they regard your opinion and your style, and if you want to be sought after to blog for designers, you must be a fashion blogger who can purchase and wear the happening stuff by the most happening designers as soon as they hit the market. When you have no reputation, no clout, no name, you must start from the bottom, invest your own money, work the circles, put up some friendly competition (because you are going against those REALLY popular and successful SL bloggers who’ll smoke a rookie in nano seconds) and hope that you stand out enough/are popular enough to be the SL equivalent to Garance Dore. What is the point of being a fashion blogger if you are not wearing (thus purchasing) a lot of the latest and greatest? Fashion blogger’s (at least the really good ones. Who you deem as good is all subjective….) purpose is to “market” trends and designers. I say “market” because fashion bloggers never critique, so they cannot be critics. Fashion bloggers also never discuss items made by designers they do not like…which is the point, am I correct? They bring business to those designers they blog about (hence “marketing”).  Therefore, bloggers and designers have professional working relationships. Additionally, popular fashion bloggers who blog about specific designers get swag! Major swag! Some fashion bloggers are on designer’s payroll! It’s like celebrities getting paid just for showing up for a couple hours to a party. (Did you know if you want Beyonce to come to your club opening and hang out for a couple of hours, it will cost you $100,000? If you want Kanye West to perform 5 songs at your party, that’ll cost you $1,000,000,000! I know, right…I’m getting off subject). To get to this status, you must have a heavy clout in the fashion world (or in this case, the SL fashion world). Of course, bloggers purchase items (they don’t expect to be given everything), but the fact is, designers give them freebies to blog about, and the freebies are usually the designer’s favorites/new releases or something totally inventive. For instance, mesh feet. I remember when bloggers were blogging about mesh feet like crazy…months ago. I just got my first pair today. Even though I am late to the game, I still want to show off my new acquisition. These are from Gaeline Creations, which is also where I purchased my AO.


Mesh feet from Gaeline’s Creations. I did not alter or Photoshop this image. The color mixes in beautifully with my legs.

What I appreciate about SL fashion bloggers is that they are generally very good SL photographers. Case in point, Harlow Heslop and Strawberry Singh (who is technically an all around blogger – fashion, travel, lifestyle), just to name a couple off the top of my head. There are many others that I discover all the time, and many who have just grown to become great photographers as of recently. I just started dabbling in photography. I enjoy manipulating the raw camera pic and then fucking it up in Photoshop because I’m a Photoshop rookie. Gives me an excuse to enhance my Photoshop skills and learn new techniques. The above photo is not fucked up in Photoshop. I turned on my shadows, turned windlight to midday, added a facelight and snapped the photo.

The point of this blog entry is…nothing really…just my reason for not fashion blogging….not that anyone should necessarily care. There’s too much work that goes into fashion blogging when really I want to focus on making stuff you can put in your homes. So when you come here to my lovely blog that you bookmarked or added to your Blogroll, please do not expect to see the latest and greatest all the time….though I do love shopping. You’ll see some of my creations, things I do, see, experience, have thoughts on, photograph, and incorporate my RL into. I’ll try hard not to use my blog as a platform to bitch about people in SL. I tend to stay drama free, but I can’t help myself but to be unabashedly honest at times.


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